5 Dangers Of Rain You Might Not Have Thought Of

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5 Dangers Of Rain You Might Not Have Thought Of

Rain seems harmless enough, but repeated exposure and torrential downpours can wreak havoc on your home and your body. Here are some of the dangers associated with rain you might not have thought of.


1. Flooding

Flooding both in the home and on the road is one of the most common and well-known risks surrounding rain. If you don’t work on keeping gutters clean, you can have a flooded basement, damage the structural integrity of your house, and even promote mudslides on your lawn. Major flooding events can transport harmful chemicals, bacteria, sewage, and pathogens right to your home.

Flooding isn’t always preventable but keeping gutters clean is the first step to preventing flooding in your home. Perform gutter cleaning twice a year at minimum.


2. Acid rain

Some areas of the United States are more prone to acid rain than others, but it can strike at any time. Acid rain occurs when acidic substances like those emitted by fossil fuels react with water in the atmosphere. This more acidic water compound then leads to the slow destruction of everything it touches, like forests and plantlife. It can even decay some buildings and statues.


3. Depressed mood

Just like seasonal affective disorder, prolonged periods without sunlight can lead to increased feelings of depression, sadness, and lethargy in many people. Help combat the blues by taking vitamin D supplements or by talking to your doctor about medication options.


4. Car accidents

Between decreased visibility and road glare, driving in the rain is hard enough without another driver forgetting to turn on their headlights. Wet roads can also make for slick conditions and hydroplaning in vehicles with balding tires, but any car can skid on deep enough water.


5. Soil erosion

Each time it rains, the water will take away loose particles in the soil. If the soil is loose enough, this can cause mass movement of soil and threaten your home’s foundation. In more serious cases, water invading the soil can create mudslides and threaten entire towns. Some mudslides can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

When you want to protect your home, keeping gutters clean and getting the proper gutter installation is key. In wet areas like Seattle, relying on K style gutters is a great option for moving water away from your home. In fact, K style gutters can hold twice as much water as a half round gutter with the same width.


For the best gutters, gutter guards, and gutter repair, contact Northwest Rain Gutters today. Do it before one of these dangerous situations happens in your home.

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