Why Are Aluminum Gutters So Popular And Are They Worth Installing?

Why Are Aluminum Gutters So Popular And Are They Worth Installing?

aluminum guttersRoofing gutters come in many shapes and sizes, which is what makes them so great for installation. Regardless of your area’s weather or the age of your house, you’ll be able to find a gutter system that will match your home, guaranteed.

However, because gutters are such an important part of your home’s drainage system, it’s important that you choose not only the right type of roof gutter for your home’s aesthetic style, but also for your home’s protection. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular types of gutters for gutter installation: aluminum gutters.

What makes aluminum gutters so popular?
Aluminum may not a popular material for roofing shingles, but it’s definitely the most popular gutter material. This is often because aluminum gutters are easy to install, can be customized by a gutter installation service for a seamless appearance, and because they’re lightweight with a heavy duty tolerance. The latter is especially necessary since a single gallon of rain can weigh up to eight pounds.

Other reasons why aluminum gutters are the most popular gutter material for installation include:

  • Long term strength and durability
  • Can last up to 20 years
  • Customizeable painting
  • Come in different styles and sizes
  • Low cost
  • Rust-resistant

Disadvantages of aluminum gutters
While aluminum may be the most popular of gutter materials, it does have some drawbacks. Aluminum is tough, but it isn’t as tough as steel gutters, which can make it susceptible to damage from debris, ladders, or hail.

Of course, homeowners can always purchase thicker aluminum gutters, but their durability will also make them more expensive than the typical aluminum gutter system.

Other potential disadvantages of gutter systems made from aluminum include:

  • Expands with temperature changes
  • May tear or split due to expansion and constriction
  • Sealant may need to be routinely reapplied if you don’t have seamless gutters
  • Any custom paint you use will need to be reapplied due to weathering

Despite the disadvantages, the benefits that come with using an aluminum gutter system far outweigh the drawbacks. An aluminum gutter system is long lasting, strong, and easily customizable for any home. Therefore, if you opt into using aluminum for your next gutter installation you can rest easy. You’ve made a good choice.

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