Lifetime Warranty

WARRANTY – Lifetime, as long as you own your home on workmanship and labor. Seamless Gutter installations by Northwest Rain Gutter will stay secured to your home and will not leak or sag. The warranty excludes damages caused by snow, wind, tree limbs and other acts of nature. This warranty is transferable one time.

About our Style, Service & Attention to Detail


t is usually best to walk around your house together and discuss your gutter needs and any current problems that you are experiencing so that we can address and resolve your problems in the most efficient and cost effective way. Every house is different and most of them have their unique challenges, that’s what keeps this job interesting.

Almost any house can be completed in 1 day. We will remove your old gutters. Install your new gutters per previous conversations and contractual notes. Clean up any mess that we make and remove your old gutters from your property.

We typically run downspouts (leaders) on or along corner boards of the house to try and hide them wherever possible and secured them using a pipe cleat that attaches to the leader from the back (pipe bands are outdated and sloppy). While some gutter companies use 3X4 leaders, we find that this is an unnecessary additional expense with no real benefit: The largest hole size a 5” gutter can accept is 2 ¾”, which will fit in a 2X3 leader pipe. Think of it this way: if you had water running out of a regular garden hose into a big 6” pipe, is the water going to get through the garden hose any faster or better? – nope. 3X4 leaders are more typically used in commercial applications with 6” or larger gutter sizes, and tend to look a little ridiculous on a residential home. Downspout location/size is something that we can discuss during your estimate.

We only use ¼” hex head screws during our installation, no rivets, so if repairs/adjustments need to be made in the future, pieces/sections can be easily replaced or repaired without hassle or unnecessary labor. All of the joints and seams in the gutter are sealed with Geocel 2320 clear, an extremely durable flexible tripolymer sealant that forms a watertight seal in small joints and narrow seams. Geocel 2320 can be applied under any weather conditions, even through standing water, or on oily surfaces with guaranteed adhesion to all metals and a useful life of 25-50 years.

On inside and outside 45º corners we Hand cut for single seam, a durable and clean look.
Round “pop-in” outlets are used to drain water from the gutter. Gutters less than 35’ use a 2 3/8” outlet. It is suggested that any gutter greater than 40’ get two downspouts to adequately drain water from the gutters.

When installing your gutters we take the perspective that gutters are like another piece of trim on your house and while functionality is the top priority ascetic appeal is a close second.

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Yes, we do clean gutters.