5″ – 6″ Fascia Style Gutters

The 5 1/2″ Fascia Gutter is the most common Rain Gutter we install. At 5 1/2″ deep, this Gutter is designed to cover a 2″ x 4″ rafter tail. These Gutters come in 26 guage pre-painted steel, and 16oz or 20oz Copper.

There is a bead (line) in the face of this Gutter. With Seamless Gutter, we can do very long runs, in one continuous Gutter. When you do runs of Gutter this long with a Roll Forming Machine (Seamless Gutter Machine), there can be a slight bit of wavyness in the face. The bead is designed to add rigidity to the face of the Gutter, and eliminate any wavyness. We can remove the bead from the 5 1/2″ Fascia Gutter, at the risk of seeing some slight wavyness on the longer runs.

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