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Protect Existing Gutters With A Leaf Relief System

For Existing Gutters We Use Leaf Relief® Gutter Guard Products:

Keeping gutters well protected from many outdoor hazards including leaves, twigs, pine needles and debris is essential to having gutters that are maintenance free and work even in the heaviest of downpours.

At Northwest Rain Gutter we are proud to offer our commercial and residential customers the superior Leaf Relief gutter guard system that features patented Aluma-Perf Technology™ that is designed to keep debris out of gutters while still allowing rain and melting snow to filter through.

With Leaf Relief gutter covers effectively installed on your gutters you can say good-bye to routine gutter cleaning and will also ensure your gutter is well protected from bothersome animals including birds and squirrels.

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Independent Testing Results

Independent testing has confirmed that Leaf Relief gutter covers works better than other gutter protection systems on the market.

  • Leaf Entry/Blockage *
    • * Leaf Relief-100% effective
    • * Popular Competitors-90% effective
    • * Wire Mesh-0% effective
  • Twig Entry/Blockage *
    • * Leaf Relief-99 to 100% effective
    • * Popular Competitors-75% effective
    • * Wire Mesh-0% effective
  • Pine Needle Entry/Blockage *
    • * Leaf Relief-97% effective (no water flow reduction)
    • * Popular Competitors-86% effective
    • * Wire Mesh-53% effective
  • Open Water Flow **
    • * 29.7 inches of water per hour (20 foot roof section).
    • That’s 2.5 times greater than the official rainfall world record (Kilauea, Hawaii- 12 inches in one hour).
    • * Obstructed Water Flow **
    • * 19 inches of water per hour when covered with wet leaves (20 foot roof section).
  • Still 1.5 times greater than the world record.
  • Clearing of Debris **
    • * Most dry debris is cleared from surface with 6 mph breeze. When still wet, debris is removed with 23 mph wind.
  • Strength **
    • * SN5200 – 53% stronger than standard hangers at 24” on-center fastening
    • * TP5300 – 91 pounds is required to deflect system by 1 inch when fastened at 16” on-center
  • Weather Resistant
    • * No detrimental or damaging effects at 110 mph wind speed when fastened 16 inches on center.

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