3 Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters!

Cleaning Gutters Filled With Leaves & Sticks

3 Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters!

Cleaning your gutters seems like a tedious task, but it can be quite dangerous for the average homeowner. There are a slew of hazards associated with cleaning your gutters, whether you have seamless gutters or gutter guards.

Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind the next time you clean out your roof gutters.


1. Choose a sturdy ladder

It might be tempting to pull out your rickety old ladder for a quick gutter sweep, but an unstable ladder can have serious repercussions. Falling from any height can be dangerous, let alone the height of your roof. Avoid getting injured by using a solid, sturdy ladder on a flat surface. Try to find one with wide steps and shelves to improve your balance and make gutter cleaning a breeze.


2. Wear protective gear

The debris in your gutter can harbor some pretty nasty pathogens. Bird droppings, squirrel feces, and decaying plant matter can cause serious allergic reactions, sickness, and rashes. On top of that, swarming bugs love to set up camp in your downspouts. Avoid these dangers by wearing thick gloves, eye goggles, and a face mask so you don’t breathe in any harmful materials.


You should also wear rubber-soled shoes while you’re standing on a ladder. Rubber grips well to a variety of surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.


3. Move your ladder often

Climbing up and down your ladder is a tedious chore, but overreaching can spell disaster if your ladder tips with your body weight. Avoid overextending your reach by moving your ladder in smaller increments along the length of your gutter. It’s tedious, but it could save your life.


How to make cleaning your gutters easier

It’s recommended that homeowners clean their gutters twice annually, but it’s a task few homeowners enjoy. When you want to make your job a little easier, try these methods:


  • Install gutter guards or other gutter covers
  • Use trowels and other cleaning tools
  • Rely on a professional


When you want to keep your gutter installations clean and well-maintained, try these tips for doing the job right.


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