Why Is My Basement So Humid?

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Why Is My Basement So Humid?

Basements are typically thought of as musty, humid locations if they aren’t refinished. But why do basements tend to get so humid?


Here’s why you might be suffering from a humid basement.

Poor drainage

Your gutters do a lot for your home but their main function is to redirect water away from your house’s foundation. If your downspouts are too close or if you’re in need of gutter repair, water is likely seeping into your home’s foundation.

Fix this issue with new gutters. Ensure that the downspout extension is pointed 1.8 meters away from your home minimally to ensure the water is moving toward a road or drainage system. New gutters with the best gutter guards make for efficient water redirection and they’re easier than ever to maintain.

There’s a leaky pipe

One of the most common issues in humid basements are leaks from pipes or open drains. Remove any standing water from your home with the help of a professional service. You might need to hire a contractor in the event there is excessive mold or damage to your home due to water leaking.

You have a cracked foundation

A humid basement could also be the result of a leak in your foundation. Over time, because of pressure and erosion, your home’s foundation may shift and crack. When there’s a crack in your foundation, more groundwater is able to permeate your basement. Seal any apparent cracks to prevent this issue from happening again.

Your dryer vent isn’t working

Basements are common laundry locations, but a poorly managed dryer vent can promote humidity in your basement. Ensure there are no blockages and that your vent leads outside. You might also want to check for any holes or breaks in your duct system.

Your lawn isn’t properly graded

Lawn grading is essential to moving water away from your home’s foundation. If your home rests in a valley, you might want to hire a professional landscaper to regrade your lawn away from the home. Other options include raising your house’s foundation or filling in the basement to reduce structural issues.

There are many reasons your basement might be more humid than usual. When it’s a problem with your gutters, you should rely on Northwest Rain Gutters for maintenance and replacement. We offer aluminum gutters, copper gutters, and more for a seamless gutter installation. Call today!

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