4 Warning Signs to Look Out for During Spring Gutter Maintenance

4 Warning Signs to Look Out for During Spring Gutter Maintenance

commercial rain gutter replacementIf you’re wondering how often you should clean your business’s gutters, the answer is about twice per year. A good cleaning during the fall and spring usually does the trick! But while you’re completing your gutter spring cleaning this year, you should be on the lookout for a few distinct warning signs. If you notice any of the following things, you may want to look into commercial rain gutter replacement.

Gutter Blockages
Whether you’re inspecting from afar or standing right on the roof, you should always start your maintenance by looking for blockages in your gutters. Blockages can form as a result of dead leaves, new plant growth, ice, and even mud! If you’re not sure you’ve got a gutter blockage, just look for a lack of water flow coming from your downspout. And remember: a particularly nasty blockage can actually damage the integrity of your gutters if you’re not careful.

Leaky Gutters
Leaky gutters can cause huge problems for your business. Nobody wants a soggy storefront, after all! If you notice odd flooding near your building’s foundation or wet spots where they shouldn’t be indoors, your gutters are probably leaking. You should always check for leaks as you are cleaning out your gutters, but if you’re noticing the previously mentioned signs it may be time to replace your gutters entirely.

Saggy Gutters
Your rain gutters should be firmly attached to the roof of your building. If they’re not, you could be risking serious injury! When gutters sag, they are physically pulling away from the structure. That means they could fall and injure someone walking past. Sagging is often caused by heavy weight from debris, which means it’s that much more important to clean your gutters regularly. But if you’re noticing substantial sag, it could be time for gutter replacement.

Damaged Exterior
If the exterior walls of your structure are green, discolored, or moldy, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. These visible damages mean your gutters have been blocked for long enough to cause mold or discoloration on your exterior walls. In this case, commercial rain gutter replacement is your only option. Make sure you have a professional come to assess the level of damage to your building, as well.

When you’re cleaning your gutters this spring, make sure to look out for the warning signs we listed above. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or find out you need new gutters, contact Northwest Rain Gutters today.

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