Half Round vs. K-style Gutters: Which Is Best for You?

Half Round vs. K-style Gutters: Which Is Best for You?

half round guttersRain gutters are functional and serve a very important purpose for your home. They keep excess water away from your home, preventing several different kinds of water damage. There are two main rain gutter types, and those are k-style and half round gutters. They differ in shape, therefore have their own unique set of features.

K-style Gutters
K-style gutters have a rectangular shape. They are the most widely used gutter shape on the market today. They mimic the colonial style crown molding, and they fit well into modern homes. Because of their flat side, they are much easier to install than half round gutters. K-style gutters come in many different sizes, lengths, and colors, so there are many options to choose from. They can work with almost any home or commercial building because of their versatility.

Generally speaking, K-style gutters have two times the capacity of half round gutters of the same width. They also are the better style for the seamless option. The K-style can be cut into seamless lengths right on the job site. Seamless gutters are less likely to leak and experience other gutter problems, so they are a very attractive option.

Half round Gutters
Half round gutters look just as they sound. They are almost like a pipe that has been cut in half. Because of their round shape, they work best for homes with rounded roof lines. They also work well for homes that are made of cooper and steel. These roof gutters offer a more distinctive appeal for those looking for a more traditional look. Half round gutters are available in a wide array of colors, giving homeowners and business owners many options.

Half round gutters come with single side as well as double side curled top outer edges that make them more suitable for older homes with more expensive designs. These gutters need to be installed with special tools that can be a little more costly than the tools used for K-style gutters.

K-style gutters and half round gutters have their own unique benefits and downfalls. Overall, K-style are more popular because they are cheaper and easier to install. Half round gutters, however, typically offer more aesthetic appeal and options in terms of appearance. Whatever option is right for you, contact us today for all your gutter needs.

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