3 Harmful Things Clogged Gutters Can Do to Your Home

3 Harmful Things Clogged Gutters Can Do to Your Home

rain guttersRain gutters are essential to the function of the home. They help keep the home dry and safe from the harmful effects of water, and they do so in more ways than most homeowners realize. As we known them today, modern rain gutters were invented very early in the 20th century, and now it’s rare to find a home without them.

As mother nature brews precipitation, gutter systems are subject to damage. Often times, debris such as twigs and leaves get stuck in home gutter systems, especially in bad weather. Clogged gutters can be dangerous for many reasons, and here are three of the most common ways that clogged gutters can cause damage to a home.

Roof Damage

Gutters are attached to the roof of a home, which means that when gutters are damaged and clogged, the first part of the home to be affected would be the roof. When gutters are clogged, they allow excessive amounts of water and debris to back up onto a roof, sometimes more than it can handle. The biggest impact place is the wood that lies at the edge of the roof, just underneath the gutter. Too much water exposure can cause the wood of the soffits and fascia to rot. In addition, if the heavy, clogged gutters begin to pull away from the home, they will often take pieces of the roof or walls with them.

Damage to the Home’s Exterior

Rain gutters are meant to keep water away from the home, and when they function properly, the water flows down the gutters and away from the house toward storm drains. When the gutters are clogged, this cannot happen. Water is then spilling on to the patio, windows, walls, and siding of the house. In short, anything below the gutters is at risk for water damage, warping, and mold.

Foundation, Basement, and Landscape Damage

When excess water gathers around the base of the house, water leaks start to happen. Water gets into the basement through cracks in the foundation, and now your basement is flooded. Cracks in the foundation can also get worse over time as water continuously flows through them. As far as your landscape goes, trees, plants, and bushes can be damaged when they are drowned with water when not protected properly by rain gutters.

When gutters are not performing their proper function due to clogging, serious damage to the home can follow. Often times, clogged gutters get damaged beyond repair, and that’s where gutter replacement comes in. If you need new gutters to avoid the kind of home damage described above, contact gutter installation contractors for a quote today.

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