Half Round Gutters: The Perks And The Pitfalls

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Half Round Gutters: The Perks And The Pitfalls

Is the perfect exterior design of your home ruined by the unsightly aesthetics of the gutters? They are a necessary evil on all homes, as they keep water from ruining the siding and roof of a house, but a standard gutter is not very pleasing to look at. There are two main gutter shapes, K-style, which is the default design that can interrupt the exterior design of a home and half-round gutters. The latter is far more visually appealing and can be customized to suit your home, but half round gutters do come with their own set of challenges.

The Perks

While K-style gutters are more common in American homes, half round style gutters were widely used across Europe in historical homes. They have a certain visual appeal, but their value does not come in just their appearance.

  • Easy to clean. As their name implies, half round gutters have an open top and a rounded bottom. These features allow for water to flow easily through the gutter system. Debris is less likely to get caught as it travels along the length of the gutters, as it is a smooth shape. With less clogging, you will not have to go through gutter cleanings as frequently. The rounded bottom also makes it easy for you to scoop out any debris that does get caught in the gutters.


  • Less prone to corrosion. Another pro of the smoother shape of the half round style is that they have a lower potential of corrosion. While K-style gutters feature ridges on their exterior that are exposed to the elements, the half-round’s streamlined exterior gives Mother Nature fewer opportunities to corrode.


  • Give your home a high-end look. A house that would be considered a mid-range priced house can immediately be upgraded to the appearance of a high-end home with quality half round gutters. Every part of these gutters, including the hangers, brackets, and caps, are decorative and give a homeowner the perfect chance for customization.


The Pitfalls

As half round gutters are customizable and are uniquely designed for each home, they are not as readily available as K-style gutters. This also makes their cost a bit higher, but that is offset in the long-term by lower cleaning costs. The half round style is typically heavier than the traditional K-style, so you will need to make sure they are installed with the proper equipment. Their installation is slightly more complicated in general, as they require specialty parts, such as threaded rods and hanger brackets.

When you’re looking to install new gutters on your home, consider choosing the half round style so that you can maintain your home’s beautiful exterior while making future cleaning a simple process.

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