5 Critters That Might Be Making A Home In Your Gutters

Leaves in rain gutter.

5 Critters That Might Be Making A Home In Your Gutters

Gutters are a necessity for your home. In fact, the gutters we know and love have been around for around 100 years, having been invented in the early years of the 20th century. However, this means that the same pesky problems they experienced back then are still plaguing us today, namely, animals and pests.

Here are some of the five most common animals you might catch living in your gutters and how to get rid of them.


The most notorious gutter invaders, birds have a tendency to nest in your gutters when there’s already a small accumulation of debris. On top of that, birds can get very territorial when the nest is established and eggs have been laid.


Another tree-dwelling animal, the squirrel will have no problem finding the gutters of your home when it swings down from a tree limb. Gutters are an easy home for a sleepy squirrel but they can cause plenty of damage if they aren’t taken care of quickly.


These rodents are usually ground-dwelling animals, but the tubes of your gutter’s downspouts are the perfect size for a chipmunk to crawl through. They will look for food in the mass of leaves and debris that has accumulated over time, or they may hide there for protection.


When moist debris accumulates in your gutters, it will often draw mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. When this happens, lizards and other insect-feasting animals may invade your gutters for an easy meal.


Though rarer than some of the other animals on the list, possums have a tendency to play dead when you come near. However, this animal can become a huge problem if they manage to lay a litter in your gutter’s cozy confines. Visit your gutters at night every once in a while to stop this nocturnal animal from making its home in your gutters.

The best way to prevent pests and critters from taking up residency is to clean them regularly, on a set schedule. Utilize a strong hose or a power washer to clean and maintain your gutters from any debris and install a gutter guard to deter small animals from making their homes there.

If you need to install replacement gutters from damage caused by animals, contact Northwest Rain Gutter today. They will be able to install your replacement gutters safely and efficiently, whether you’re looking for barbie gutters or half round gutter options.

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