When Should You Clean Residential Gutters?

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When Should You Clean Residential Gutters?

For many homeowners, residential gutters are a pain in the neck. It seems like either your gutters are full of sticks and leaves or you just got done cleaning them out, and the cycle just keeps repeating and repeating over and over. No one really enjoys cleaning residential gutters, but this is a necessary evil. Gutters protect your home from water that can cause serious damage. They divert water away from the foundation of your home to prevent flooding.

In fact, clogged gutters are the number one cause of leaks and water in the basement, a problem that can cause extensive damage. You don’t want the foundation of your home to suffer from water damage, because this can erode the very base of your home and make the entire structure unsafe. It seems strange but residential gutters at the top of your home must be cleaned regularly to keep the bottom of your home safe!

How to Clean Residential Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a chore that no one really enjoys facing. It can be dangerous, for one thing. Either you have to get on the roof or climb up a ladder in order to reach the gutters. And when you clean them out, you need to wear gloves or use some equipment to avoid touching the branches and other debris that has collected there. It can be a big task and it can be extremely time-consuming. However, there is an easy way to clean out gutter systems on any home.

You can always hire professional services to have your gutters cleaned. May landscaping companies actually provide this service, so it isn’t hard to find professionals who have specialized equipment and know-how in order to make this task go quickly and efficiently. However, you can also perform this task yourself with a leaf blower. Climb up on the roof while wearing shoes with a strong tread. You want shoes that grip, and you want to move and step carefully at all times. Pay very close attention to where and how you are stepping, and maintain a solid stance the entire time you are on the roof.

Walk around the roof near the edge, pointing the leaf blower down at the gutters. The leaf blower should be able to dislodge most of the debris caught in your gutters. When something sticks, carefully reach down and move debris by hand while wearing a strong, sturdy pair of work gloves. Once you know how to clean gutters, you can perform this task regularly every single time your gutters need a good cleaning.

When to Clean Residential Gutters

When do your residential gutters need to be cleaned? The simple answer is, whenever they’re clogged. If you notice a lot of debris in your gutters or you notice that rainwater isn’t flowing normally through your gutters, then it’s definitely time to give them a good cleaning. However, you should get into the habit of cleaning your gutters at least once a year.

The best time of year to clean residential gutters is in the late fall after the leaves have dropped and before winter weather makes being outdoors absolutely unbearable. There is a pretty small window between late fall and cold winter weather, so keep your eyes open and pay attention to when around 75% of the leaves have fallen fro the trees. This is the best time to clean your gutters because this is when they are likely to be the most full. If you clean your gutters in early fall, then they will only fill up again and you’ll have to do it all again in a few weeks. Wait for the right time of year, and you’ll have residential gutters that should remain high-functioning all through the year. It’s best to perform a thorough gutter cleaning twice a year, so you should perform this task every 6 months to keep your gutters clear and functioning perfectly.

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