When Do You Need Gutter Repair? 4 Signs It’s Time to Call in the Pros

When Do You Need Gutter Repair? 4 Signs It’s Time to Call in the Pros

when do you need gutter repair

Your gutters keep rainwater away from your house so it can’t do any damage. While they are built to be sturdy, some things can go wrong because they don’t last forever. When do you need gutter repair? Here are some signs.

You see rust
Your gutters are exposed to the elements every day, and that can cause them to rust. If the rust is not extensive, you can probably scrub it off with a wire brush. If it can’t be repaired by a professional, then you probably have to replace them.

There’s water damage
When water can’t flow and drain through your gutters properly, water damage ensues. Not only will you notice water damage on the exterior of your home, but on the interior as well. Clogged gutters are the number one cause of water problems in the basement, so you might notice that if your gutters need repair. That happens because water is not being properly directed away from the home and it’s pooling up at the foundation.

There’s sitting water in your clean gutters
Gutter cleanings are needed roughly two times a year. If you are keeping your gutters clean, the water should be able to flow easily. What happens when you see standing water in your clean gutters though? The most common thing is that the gutter is not graded correctly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it means the water won’t drain properly. They most likely will need adjusting.

The fasteners are broken
The fasteners are the pieces of metal that secure your rain gutters to the roof while keeping them level at the same time. Gutter repair is needed if you notice that these pieces are broken. A tell-tail sign that the fasteners are bad is that you see screws on the ground under your residential gutter systems.

When do you need gutter repair? If you notice rust, water damage, sitting water in clean gutters, or screws on the ground and broken fasteners. If you think your gutters need repair, give us a call today!

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