The Benefits Of Installing Half Round Gutters Over K Style Gutters

The Benefits Of Installing Half Round Gutters Over K Style Gutters

The Benefits Of Installing Half Round Gutters Over K Style Gutters

Did you know there are two main rain gutter types available for your home? Half round style gutter options and K style gutters. While both of these styles have will do a great job collecting and redirecting water from your home, half round gutters have a few essential perks you may have overlooked.

Understanding the difference between the two
Half round gutters look like a bowl, a perfectly round crescent attached to the side of your home. K style gutters start as a half round gutter, but as they extend away from your home, their shape kinks into a k-like shape enabling the gutter to hold more water than a half round option. Both styles of gutter are available in pre-cut pieces or whole length options whenever you need a gutter repair.

The advantages of half round gutters
Despite K style gutters being the most popular option for homes, there are huge advantages of half round gutters many tend to overlook. The curled edges of the gutter on either side gives the gutter a classic look that’s meant to blend with a house of any style. However, if you have an older home, this gutter option is especially suited to age homes that have a more expensive design than modern homes.

If your modern home has rounded roof lines, however, the advantages of half round gutters cannot be overstated. They will redirect water well, especially if your new home has copper or steel components. The regal look of your half round gutter is accented by the special type of hanging brackets and rods necessary for your new gutter installation.

Wrapping it up
Like most gutters, your half round gutters should be available in a variety of materials to prevent wear-and-tear. Try installing copper gutters; not only will this product be resistant to rust, it’ll prevent the accumulation of hazardous molds and bacteria.

To keep your half round rain gutters in working condition, proper maintenance is still required. Consider hiring a professional home gutter installation service for keeping gutters clean and rust-free. Call NW Rain Gutters today for a quote.

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