Overflowing Gutters? Here’s How You Can Prevent Them

Overflowing Gutters? Here’s How You Can Prevent Them

gutter systems for a homeOverflowing gutters are extremely problematic. Not only can they cause damage to your home’s siding and damage your roof, but they can also cause a significant amount of water damage to your basement.

Each gallon of rainwater weighs up to eight pounds in total. When a home’s gutters overflow, they’re most likely holding up to thousands of pounds.

But how can you prevent the gutter systems for a home from overflowing? Consider the following tips to keep your gutter systems in tip-top shape.

Accurate gutter installation
In some cases, the gutter systems for a home may be overflowing with rainwater because the gutter system itself is either too small or too large for the roof. This can sometimes happen when a homeowner attempts a gutter replacement on their own. Contact your local gutter repair companies if you have the suspicion your gutter system isn’t quite the right size for your home.

Clean out the gutters
All types of gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent clogs and overflowing. This is because your gutters, be they aluminum gutters or otherwise, can become weighed down with debris such as leaves, sticks, and tree branches.

Consider trimming the trees around your home to prevent debris from falling into your gutters during windy days or storms. If you notice that your gutters are overflowing it may also be a sign that there’s a clog in your system’s downspouts.

Inspect residential gutter systems for tilting
Just like roofing, you can sometimes tell when there’s been damage to your gutter systems when you can see a tilt or a slope in your system. If your system is tilted, it can cause the water to back up and overflow.

In order to check the tilt of your gutter system, place a level across the mouth of the gutter. You’ll also want to contact a professional gutter repair service to inspect the slope of the gutters. Your slope should be just steep enough to allow water to move to the downspouts.

Overflowing gutter systems can cause serious problems for a homeowner if they’re left untreated. Be sure to clear out your gutters twice a year on average and to routinely conduct maintenance on your systems. This will help ensure your gutters are in the best shape possible.

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