K-Style Vs Half-Round Gutters: Which Is Best For Your Home?

K-Style Vs Half-Round Gutters: Which Is Best For Your Home?

rain gutter installationWhen it comes to rain gutter installation, many Americans are aware of the different types of gutter systems: aluminum gutters, copper gutters, stainless steel gutters, etc. However, homeowners are often unaware that they also need to choose between k-style gutters and half-round gutters.

Although there are other gutter profiles homeowners can choose from, these two options are the most popular in residential gutter installation. This is because they both offer considerable benefits.

However, k-style gutters and half-round gutter are both unique and offer different advantages. Consider the following benefits of both gutter systems to determine the best type to choose for your rain gutter installation.

K-Style Gutters
K-style gutters make up a total of 80% of residential gutter installations. This is because these gutter types are renowned for their high-quality performance and eye-catching aesthetic.

K-style gutters can resemble crown molding for those who want a touch of character to their gutter systems. What’s more, k-style gutters are flat along the side which makes them easier to fasten to the fascia boards.

K-style gutters are also great for heavy rain and snow because they have twice the capacity of half-round gutters of the same size. For those looking for easy maintenance and seamless siding, k-style gutters may be the best choice for you.

Half-Round Gutters
Half-round gutters have their own sense of aesthetic appeal and are beneficial enough for many homeowners to choose them over k-style gutters. For instance, half-round gutters are most often available in copper and galvanized steel which makes them incredibly durable in inclement weather.

What’s more, the traditional look of half-round gutters makes them a favorite among homeowners who want a specific architectural style. These rain gutter types have also become more popular because of the introduction of the reverse bead.

A reverse bead is when the curl of the gutter’s profile is instead curled in toward the gutter itself. This more conservative and elegant look paired with new color choices has made half-round gutter systems well-favored.

K-style gutters and half-round gutters both have their own unique aesthetic appeal. Because both also are more than functional at keeping your home clear of rainwater, whether you choose k-style gutters or half-round gutters for your home is completely up to opinion. For more information on gutter replacement, contact NW Rain Gutters today.

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