Choosing Between Copper and Aluminum Gutters? Here Are the Pros and Cons of Each

Choosing Between Copper and Aluminum Gutters? Here Are the Pros and Cons of Each

barbie style guttersWhen you’re remodeling your home, you might be stuck between choosing copper or aluminum gutters. They each come in the popular styles, including k style gutters, barbie style gutters, and half round gutters, but you don’t know which type is right for your home and budget. If you can’t decide, here are the pros and cons of each.


Aluminum gutters are the tried and true metal gutter we’re used to. Installation for this type of metal is affordable and offers a streamlined look that you can’t beat if you want a more subtle look. Aluminum gutters are great for contemporary homes that seek to put their home on display, not their gutters. They’re available in a range of styles including barbie style gutters, half round gutters, and K style gutters. Unfortunately, they don’t have a long lifespan and require yearly maintenance and cleaning to ensure they work properly.

This type of gutter is easy to install and lightweight so you don’t need to worry about costly installation services with this option. Aluminum gutters are also available in a variety of colors that help protect them against rust, making them customizable to an extent.


New copper gutters may be the way to go if you’re okay with spending a little more up front. Okay, maybe a lot more up front. Copper gutters are an attractive option for homeowners looking to make a statement. They’re also best for homeowners looking to stay in their home for more than one decade; this type of new gutter lasts a long time and offer an attractive aged patina look after a couple decades. With the right upkeep and maintenance, they can live up to 100 years. If you don’t like this look, however, along with yearly maintenance, you’ll have to polish your gutters to maintain their attractive copper sheen.

Regardless of the type of gutter you choose, it’s important to install downspouts for every 30 to 40 straight feet of gutter. If you want to improve your gutter’s capacity for water, all you need to do is add more downspouts.

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