Caring For Copper: How To Make Sure Your Gutters Always Look Great

caring for copper gutters

Caring For Copper: How To Make Sure Your Gutters Always Look Great

As an accent on your home’s exterior, copper gutters are positively unique. Their color and sheen incite an air of sophistication that is not commonly seen, especially in the structures designed to funnel rainwater away from the home. However, this means that they require a little bit more attention to detail than classic aluminum gutters; whether you’ve selected copper half round gutters or copper Barbie gutters, here are a few tips to keep them looking great.

  • Always wear gloves: Your hands contain oils, salts, and acids that can wreak havoc on unprotected copper — you’ll be leaving fingerprints and smudges anywhere and everywhere you touch. Since you should be cleaning your gutters at least twice a year, that damage could build up in no time. There are work gloves specifically designed to handle copper, offering a tight grip with no risk of unsightly smudges.
  • Use a good metal polish: Copper gutters will naturally form a green patina when exposed to certain environmental conditions. Though some homeowners love the look, many want their gutters to shine like they did when they were first installed. To achieve this appearance, you simply need to apply a copper polish; it safely removes tarnish, hard water stains, and fingerprints from copper surfaces.
  • Stay consistent with accessories: Copper is quite a distinctive material. Because it stands out so strongly, people are sure to notice it. This means that you need to be careful about mixing and matching copper with other materials, like aluminum. The final look will be disjointed and sloppy; avoid the urge to use different downspouts and extensions if upgrading or lengthening your gutters, Instead, only use copper accessories for the rest of the system.

Caring for copper gutters is not complicated, and the payoff is absolutely worth it. Because they never rust or need painting, they should last around 100 years in any climate; combine that near maintenance-free life with their aesthetic beauty, and we can’t see any reason not to opt for copper gutters.

If you need help installing or caring for copper gutters, call Northwest Rain Gutter at (206)375-8446 today.

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