4 Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards with Your Home’s Gutters

4 Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards with Your Home’s Gutters

gutter guardYour home’s gutters play an essential role in keeping the home safe from water damage, and gutter guards aid in that process. Gutter guards are installed over your home’s gutter troughs to prevent leaves and large debris from getting into the rain gutters and mucking up the works. But these products do so much more than preventing clogs. Here are some major advantages of combining gutter guards with gutter installation.

Fire Protection
Gutter guards can provide fire protection for those who live in areas prone to bush and brush fires. When a fire occurs, embers can travel far distances and land in your gutters. If the embers come in contact with dry leaves and other debris in your gutters, they can easily start a fire. Gutter guards don’t allow this debris to build up in the first place, so there is no risk of embers lighting up your gutters.

Prevent Blockages
Large debris and leaves can cause blockages and clog your gutters. Because each gallon of rainwater weighs eight pounds, your gutter could be holding thousands of pounds of rainwater if they are clogged. The overflowing water that results from clogged gutter can also cause serious water damage to your home’s foundation, siding, roof, and interior. That can’t happen if you install gutter guards.

Prevent Rusting
Water soaked leaves and debris can cause rust and corrosion from the extra moisture that is sitting in your gutters. While rusting can happen with certain types of gutters over time anyway, the moisture-filled debris can hasten the process in home with metal gutters. This shortens the life of your gutters and can lead to premature replacement. Gutter guards will extend the life of your gutters by stopping the moisture buildup.

Ease of Maintenance
One rule of thumb with most gutters is that they have to be cleaned out at least twice a year. Cleaning out gutters can be a serious pain. Once you install gutter guards, much less cleaning is required because debris cannot get stuck in the gutters. When you do have to clean, it’s a much easier job. You also are decreasing your safety risks from falling off your roof or ladder while cleaning out your gutters.

Your gutters protect your home from so many dangers in Mother Nature, and gutter guards only increase that protection. If you want to ease your mind from the many dangers that could happen involving your gutters, call roofing contractors today to learn more about gutter installation.

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