3 Advantages of Installing Copper Gutters

3 Advantages of Installing Copper Gutters

gutter replacementRain gutters are extremely important for the health of your home and its foundation. Gutters protect your home from the harsh, damaging effects of mother nature. They can stop your basement from flooding, they keep debris away from your windows, and they protect the foundation of your home. Yet the number one cause of basement water problems is clogged gutters, so clearly not all homeowners have gotten the message yet.

Since gutters are such an essential part of the home, they need to be in great shape during the fall and winter seasons. And while regular maintenance is important, the material the gutters are made out of also has an impact on their overall function. Even though there are many options to choose from, copper is fast emerging as the best possible option for gutters. Here are three reasons why you should consider a copper gutter replacement at your house.

Simply put, copper gutters are extremely durable. They can withstand many extreme climates and seasons with relatively no wear and tear. They will last through conditions from subzero winters to blazing hot summers, and this constant exposure to the elements will not weaken them. Unlike steel, copper rain gutters do not rust or rot, which is why these gutters will remain functional for decades to come. There is no need to think about a gutter replacement for a long time once you have copper gutters installed around your home.

As stated briefly in the last point, copper gutters are known to last for years and years. Traditional gutters, like the ones made from vinyl, typically need to be replaced every 10-20 years. This is not the case with copper gutters. They can actually last for up to 100 years when properly maintained, but they also require very little maintenance because they do not sag or get dented whatsoever.

Curb Appeal
Believe it or not, copper gutters can actually add value to a home. While steel gutters develop an ugly rust after several years, copper gutters will form an attractive patina that will create a unique, weathered aesthetic to your home. For this reason, copper gutters are especially popular for homeowners trying to achieve a more rustic, classical look. Using copper material for gutters also makes a home stand out in the neighborhood. And since having a unique look can increase the value of a home, it’s a great selling point once the property is put on the market.

Remember these advantages of copper gutters the next time you think about a gutter replacement for your home.

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